The Scorching Days Begin as Plum Rain Season Ends in Shanghai

The real hot days have just begun

By Yuzhou Hu, Jul 09, 2018 17:01

Super Typhoon Maria Will No Longer Hit Shanghai This Week

There's no getting blown away this week!

By Celia Rayfiel, Jul 09, 2018 15:41

Super Typhoon Maria Threatens to Hit Shanghai Next Week

Maria has intensified into a Category 5 storm and could very well pay a visit to Shanghai in the middle of next week.

By That's Shanghai, Jul 06, 2018 18:02

Plum Rain Season Continues This Week, But May End Soon

The scorching weather may make a comeback next week

By Yuzhou Hu, Jul 03, 2018 18:03

Shanghai Issued First Orange Alert for Heat

Expect Shanghai to get hot, hot, hot, in the coming days

By Yuzhou Hu, Jun 26, 2018 16:07

Expect Lots and Lots of Rain This Week as Plum Rain Season Approaches

It's going to be wet and hot in Shanghai this week.

By That's Shanghai, Jun 19, 2018 15:42

It's Getting Hot, Hot, Hot in Shanghai This Week

The air pollution has come back as well

By Yuzhou Hu, Jun 12, 2018 15:03

It’s Officially Summer in Shanghai

Shanghai entered summer last Saturday, meteorologically

By Yuzhou Hu, May 18, 2018 14:10

UPDATE: Shanghai Triggers the First Heat Wave Alert of This Year

Heading towards summer

By Yuzhou Hu, May 15, 2018 15:48

It's Going to Be Really, Really Hot in Shanghai This Week

Temperatures will jump up to 35 degrees on Tuesday and 37 degrees on Wednesday and Thursday.

By That's Shanghai, May 14, 2018 13:37

Instagram of the Week: @andimanzano

Our favorite pic of the week!

By Mandy Tie, Apr 27, 2018 10:48

Shanghai Welcomes the Hottest Day of 2018

The temperature will take a nosedive pretty soon

By Yuzhou Hu, Apr 10, 2018 16:42

Shanghai Officially Welcomes Spring

But the temperature is still pretty low.

By Yuzhou Hu, Mar 16, 2018 14:07

UPDATE: Shanghai Upgrades Its Air Pollution Alert to Yellow Level

First yellow alert for air pollution of the year.

By Yuzhou Hu, Jan 31, 2018 14:50

Shanghai Experiences Its Heaviest Snow in Five Years

Have we seen the last of snow of this year?

By Yuzhou Hu, Jan 26, 2018 17:18

Flights Delayed, Trains Canceled as Snow Wreaks Havoc in Shanghai

Travelers, take note.

By That's Shanghai, Jan 25, 2018 17:05

PHOTOS: Shanghai Hit with Rare Snow

Shanghai was treated to rare sighting of snow this week.

By That's Shanghai, Jan 25, 2018 16:16

China Releases a Blue Alert for Incoming Cold Front

Will it snow in Shanghai?

By Yuzhou Hu, Jan 24, 2018 10:52

It Might Snow in Shanghai This Week

Just when you thought it was finally getting warmer.

By That's Shanghai, Jan 19, 2018 15:52

Shanghai's Plum Rain Season is Officially Here, and It'll Be Long

Thunderstorms to frequent Shanghai until September 30.

By Zaruf Ezhan, Jun 08, 2017 18:44

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