China to Enforce Strict Regulations on E-Bikes Starting April 15

E-bike riders beware! China to launch strict new rules

By Yuzhou Hu, Mar 28, 2019 14:29

50,000 Old Shared Bikes to be Replaced by Mobike

The authority is also considering to lower the current number of shared bikes

By Yuzhou Hu, Jul 12, 2018 17:01

Mobike Launches Shared E-Bikes in China

Sadly, we won't be able to spot these e-bikes in the city for now.

By Yuzhou Hu, Jul 10, 2018 14:25

New E-Fences Will Limit Where You Can Park Shared Bikes in Shanghai

A new attempt to solve the parking problems

By Yuzhou Hu, Jun 22, 2018 17:14

Shared Bikes from Mobike and Ofo Can Now be Unlocked through Metro Daduhui App

Ever feel that there are too many apps on your phone?

By Yuzhou Hu, Feb 01, 2018 15:40

Will Bluegogo's Downfall Change the Future of Shared Bikes in China?

How can bike sharing companies repay customer deposits?

By Justine Lopez, Nov 28, 2017 12:04

Illegal Use of Shared Bikes May Put Kids in Grave Danger

You have no idea how dangerous it can be!

By Yuzhou Hu, Sep 21, 2017 10:55

Mobike to Increase Price in Shanghai Starting Next Week

Mobike is not the only shared bike firm to adopt a new charging standard.

By Yuzhou Hu, May 10, 2019 15:02

Shanghai Police Use Facial Recognition to Bust Sneaky Bike Riders

You are being watched, whether you are a jaywalker or a sneaky bike rider

By Yuzhou Hu, Jan 15, 2019 15:08

Shanghai to Develop Blacklist of Cyclists Who Disobey Rules

More policies and regulations are on the way

By Yuzhou Hu, Nov 21, 2018 15:18

Mobike Now Fines Users for Parking Illegally in Shanghai

Repeat offenders will be fined RMB5 each time they park in prohibited areas.

By That's Shanghai, Sep 06, 2018 14:39

Didi’s Shared Bike Enters Shanghai, But Only for One Day

"There is no room for more shared bikes here."

By Yuzhou Hu, Aug 07, 2018 16:39

UPDATE: Mobike's Deposit-Free Service Now Includes Shanghai

The deposit-free policy has been extended to the whole country

By Yuzhou Hu, Jul 06, 2018 13:42

Ofo Introduces Its Own Credit System

A high credit rating may lead to deposit-free service.

By Yuzhou Hu, Jun 21, 2018 14:15

Mobike’s New Deposit-Free Service Excludes Shanghai

Most second-tier and third-tier cities are eligible for the benefit

By Yuzhou Hu, Jun 13, 2018 14:39

Shared-Bike Graveyards Continue to Frustrate the City

Who can clean up this mess?

By Yuzhou Hu, May 24, 2018 19:10

This Shared Bike Graveyard in China is a Work of Art

A hauntingly beautiful masterpiece.

By Bridget O'Donnell, Nov 22, 2017 19:53

China's First Mobike Theme Park Opens in Shanghai

The new use of shared bikes

By Hannah Zheng, Sep 13, 2017 11:03

Shared Strollers Disappear Shortly After Debut in Shanghai

Behold...another shared item is coming.

By Yuzhou Hu, Aug 23, 2017 10:22

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