Rat Fell from Ceiling and Hit Diners at Saizeriya

How Ratatouille should have ended

By Yuzhou Hu, Jan 02, 2019 14:36

Glove Allegedly Found in Heytea Bubble Tea Drink

Beware the latest surprising 'ingredient' of bubble tea

By Yuzhou Hu, Dec 05, 2018 12:21

Sample New World Wines with Top Chilean Winemaker at Ginger

Join Irene Paiva of Vistamar Winery for an introduction to Chilean wines at this special dinner.

By That's Shanghai, Nov 16, 2018 17:44

There's a Festival All About Bacon Next Weekend in Shanghai

Shanghai's third annual Baconfest is here!

By Lauren Hogan, Nov 09, 2018 15:25

Wine & Dine at This Special Halloween Dinner at M on the Bund

If you're looking for something sophisticated to do this Halloween, why not attend Wine & The City's special dinner at M on the Bund?

By That's Shanghai, Oct 25, 2018 11:46

Infographic: Just How Much Fat is in a Mooncake?

You'll never want to eat mooncakes again.

By That's Shanghai, Sep 21, 2018 10:29

Get Your Tickets to Shanghai's First Ever Sausage Fest

An entire festival dedicated to all things sausage.

By That's Shanghai, Sep 10, 2018 20:40

Shanghai's First 'Shared Restaurant' Opens in SML Center

Instead of waiting at a crowded restaurant, customers can order food through an app and get it delivered to the shared space.

By That's Shanghai, Jul 11, 2018 15:55

Battery Found in the Bubble Tea of Shanghai Bakery Chain

Broken glass...Battery...What's next?

By Yuzhou Hu, Jun 27, 2018 16:18

Customers to Access Restaurant Hygiene Inspection Results via QR Code

Here comes the new supervision system of restaurants

By Yuzhou Hu, May 16, 2018 15:56

Customer's Tongue Cut by Broken Glass in Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream

An unpleasant experience of enjoying the sweet, frozen treat

By Yuzhou Hu, May 10, 2018 14:09

Toxin Detected in Metro’s Dried Shredded Squid

Think twice before making a purchase

By Yuzhou Hu, Mar 15, 2018 15:03

UPDATE: Saizeriya to Suspend Self-Service Beverage Machines at All Outlets

Fingers crossed no one will ever find cockroaches in their drinks again.

By Yuzhou Hu, Jan 11, 2018 15:20

WARNING: Cockroaches Found in Drinks at Saizeriya

Not the most hygienic of locations.

By Yuzhou Hu, Jan 08, 2018 14:08

Plasticizers Detected in Shanghai McDonald's Youtiao

A rough year for McDonald's...

By Yuzhou Hu, Dec 06, 2017 17:11

Rotting Pig Carcasses Turned Into Oil in Guangzhou

The 'dead, stinking pigs' were boiled to extract oil, which was then sent to any number of warehouses for an unknown use.

By Urban Family, Jul 13, 2017 11:29

WIN! Vouchers to Fatburger

Win of the week!

By Urban Family, Feb 20, 2017 12:41

Shanghai Disneyland: You're Full, But Your Wallet Isn't

The new Shanghai Disneyland's food continues to raise eyebrows. After photos of menu items went viral, test run consumers are now complaining about their expensive price tags.

By Emma Li, May 18, 2016 15:33

New Shanghai Disneyland Menu is...Questionable

We wonder how Mickey Mouse would feel about this...

By Isabella Farr, Apr 21, 2016 17:58

August-September Issue Out Now!

Our new issue is out now and you won't want to miss it!

By Urban Family, Sep 01, 2015 16:50

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