You Can Now Be Fined for Throwing Leftover Food in Public Bins

Anyone who is caught breaking the new rule will be fined RMB50-200

By Yuzhou Hu, Jun 21, 2019 13:51

Cockroaches Spotted on Food Shelves at Shanghai Burger King

Well, that's not appetizing...

By Yuzhou Hu, May 27, 2019 14:48

FamilyMart Accused of Selling Expired Food in Shanghai

What's the cost of convenience? Your health, perhaps.

By Yuzhou Hu, Jan 09, 2019 16:05

Useful Mandarin Phrases: Ordering Food

Order smoothly with these essential Mandarin words and phrases

By Mandy Tie and Celia Rayfiel, Aug 28, 2018 11:11

Food Delivery Drones to be Launched in China by

The average delivery time will be limited to 20 minutes

By Yuzhou Hu, May 31, 2018 09:52

Fake Food Delivery Workers Stealing from Customers in Shanghai

Keep an eye on your online payment barcode and number

By Yuzhou Hu, May 29, 2018 13:12

New Policy to Ensure the Safety and Quality of Food Delivery

Disqualified eateries will be removed from the industry.

By Yuzhou Hu, Feb 06, 2018 15:13

Promoting a Healthy Environment at School: Food & Drink Supply

How to balance health attributes and the taste?

By Frances Chen, Jan 17, 2018 12:17

WATCH: Raising Shanghai - Muslim Food Market

This week, Adalie went to the Muslim Food Market.

By Urban Family, Jan 05, 2018 07:35

WATCH: Raising Shanghai - West Bund Food Festival

This week, Adalie went to West Bund Food Festival.

By Urban Family, Nov 17, 2017 15:24

Tourists No Longer Allowed to Bring Food into Shanghai Disney

Do you agree with the new regulation?

By Yuzhou Hu, Nov 17, 2017 15:23

8 Places to Find Authentic Cantonese Food in Shanghai

The serious family-friendly Cantonese restaurant guide

By Tongfei Zhang & Frances Chen, Nov 02, 2017 11:30

5 of the Best Dog Food Brands

The best dog food brands that you swear by!

By Urban Family, Oct 26, 2017 10:45

Readers' Picks: Dog Food

The dog food brands you trust.

By Urban Family, Oct 11, 2017 15:24

Where to Find Authentic Thai Food in Shanghai

Fantastic thai food and where to find them

By Frances Chen, Sep 29, 2017 15:38

Where to Find Authentic Singaporean Food in Shanghai

Chicken Rice and Chili Crab, Nuff' Said!

By Frances Chen, Sep 21, 2017 17:13

Where to Find Authentic Indonesian Food in Shanghai

It's...Indonesian cuisine time!

By Frances Chen, Sep 18, 2017 12:05

Where to Find Authentic Malaysian Food in Shanghai

Come and have a bite!

By Frances Chen, Sep 12, 2017 11:45

Farine Stores Closed Following Food Safety Investigation

Serious food safety allegations have been made against the bakery by a person claiming to be a Farine employee.

By Betty Richardson, Mar 23, 2017 12:57

WIN! Italian Food and Goodies Basket

Our win of the week!

By Urban Family, Mar 06, 2017 11:56

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