WATCH: E-Bike Rider Detained for 5 Days for Resisting Traffic Police

There is always someone who resists authorities and winds up getting themselves in even more trouble.

By Yuzhou Hu, Apr 24, 2019 14:35

More Cameras to Watch Over Restaurant Kitchens in Shanghai

No more hiding for pests like rats and cockroaches

By Yuzhou Hu, Apr 18, 2019 14:26

Jaywalkers in China Forced to Watch Videos of Bloody Traffic Accidents

A groundbreaking solution against jaywalking

By Yuzhou Hu, Feb 15, 2019 14:08

Watch the Big Game at Kerry Hotel Pudong's Super Bowl Party

Head over to Kerry Hotel Pudong on February 4 for Super Bowl 'Sunday.' Kickoff is at 7.30am.

By That's Shanghai, Jan 16, 2019 09:31

WATCH: Drunk Driver Goes Viral After Car Ends Perched on Barrier

Sometimes reality can be more dramatic than films

By Yuzhou Hu, Jan 08, 2019 16:43

WATCH: China's Insane Cliff Swing Is Not for the Faint-Hearted

This brand-new tourist attraction in China is sure to make the hairs on your body stand up.

By That's Shanghai, Sep 18, 2018 11:19

WATCH: Raising Shanghai - Monkey Mountain

This week, Adalie went to Monkey Mountain of Guizhou Province.

By Urban Family, Sep 07, 2018 14:43

WATCH: Woman Pushes Son in Front of Moving Vehicle in Guangzhou

Guangzhou police are investigating a ‘crash-for-cash’ scam in the city, after a woman intentionally pushed her young son in front of a van.

By That's Shanghai, Aug 22, 2018 10:07

WATCH: Raising Shanghai - Guizhou Provincial Museum

This week, Adalie visited Guizhou Provincial Museum.

By Urban Family, Aug 10, 2018 10:22

WATCH: Raising Shanghai - Black Dragon Pool

This week, Adalie visited Black Dragon Pool.

By Urban Family, Jul 13, 2018 14:05

WATCH: Raising Shanghai - Dali Old Town

This week, Adalie went to Dali Old Town.

By Urban Family, Jun 28, 2018 16:17

WATCH: Raising Shanghai - ChongSheng Temple

This week, Adalie went to Chongsheng Temple.

By Urban Family, Jun 15, 2018 07:50

WATCH: Raising Shanghai - Xizhou Morning Market

This week, Adalie visited Xizhou Morning Market.

By Urban Family, May 18, 2018 09:24

WATCH: Raising Shanghai - Stone Forest

This week, Adalie went to Stone Forest.

By Urban Family, May 04, 2018 11:11

WATCH: Raising Shanghai - Yuantong Temple

This week, Adalie visited Yuantong Temple.

By Urban Family, Apr 20, 2018 09:30

WATCH: Raising Shanghai - White Castle

This week, Adalie went to White Castle.

By Urban Family, Mar 23, 2018 09:20

WATCH: Raising Shanghai - Stone Pot Fish

This week, Adalie and Aiden went to Wanglaojia Stone Pot Steamed Fish.

By Urban Family, Mar 09, 2018 09:44

iPhone Disabled for 48 Years by Child trying to Watch Peppa Pig

You have no idea what your little ones will do to watch Peppa Pig.

By Yuzhou Hu, Mar 06, 2018 17:06

WATCH: Raising Shanghai - Hao's Bowling

This week, Adalie and Aiden went to Hao's Bowling.

By Urban Family, Feb 24, 2018 09:19

Watch Out for Pickpocketing and Other Scams Over CNY

Be careful of pickpocketing and other petty crimes during Spring Festival

By That's Shanghai, Feb 13, 2018 10:45

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