Shanghai Students at Increased Risk for Myopia and Obesity

The rates of myopia and obesity are on the rise among Shanghai students.

By Yuzhou Hu, May 17, 2019 14:22

Over 70% of Chinese Youth Suffer from Myopia

"More and more kids wear glasses over the years."

By Yuzhou Hu, Jul 18, 2018 16:29

Rise in Young Chinese Exposed to the Internet

Juvelniles are exposed to the Internet earlier and earlier.

By Yuzhou Hu, Sep 14, 2018 14:06

Controls Over Video Games to Reduce Nearsightedness

The myopia rate in youth is set to reduce by at least 2.5 percent by 2023

By Yuzhou Hu, Sep 05, 2018 09:40

Glasses Standards for Children Released in Shanghai

First of its kind in the city

By Yuzhou Hu, Jul 05, 2018 17:31

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