Eur Am International Medical Center

1F, North Tower, Ocean Pearl 1/F, North Tower, Ocean Pearl Building, 15 Hua Li Lu
3758 * 5328

Eur Am International Medical Center Description

Founded in 2005, EURAM is Southern China’s well established International Medical Center. Equipped with essential advanced medical equipment, EURAM is well appointed with a comfortable and welcoming setting at a convenient location. We are reputed and trusted among local dignitaries, celebrities, business groups, multinational companies, international schools, consulates, foreign enterprises and the likes in South China.


EURAM is staffed by an international medical team of nearly 50 practitioners, including general practitioners from China and a family medicine physician from the United States, dentists from Singapore and Japan, orthopedics specialists from Hong Kong SAR of China, well known specialists from local hospitals, Hong Kong SAR of China, Japan, North America & Europe. 


Supported by a network of hospitals in Guangzhou and Hong Kong, EURAM provides 24-hr urgent care. Our patients are secured with 24 hours access to inpatient services in Guangzhou and Hong Kong.

Map of Eur Am International Medical Center

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