Sunshine Mandarin

Room 3503, 297 Shangcheng Lu
021 6048 4607

Sunshine Mandarin Description

Sunshine Mandarin Centre is a professional Chinese language center. We provide efficient Mandarin lessons, teaching service with high quality, interesting activities and overall control system to international companies, expatriate families and individuals. By analyzing the needs and characteristics of students, our teachers design the most suitable teaching method for each individual, including design of scenarios, study tasks, and supplementary learning resources etc. Our Vision: Acknowledge: With advanced teaching model, our teacher acknowledge schools, and students agree with our teacher. Trust: By people oriental on teaching, we build up a tight trust among students, teachers and our school. Understanding: Through the study, we help to achieve understanding and recognizing within different cultural. We are the bridge connecting teachers and students; We are the bridge connecting China and the world.

Map of Sunshine Mandarin

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