Shanghai Angels Kindergarten

281 Panlong Cun, by Huaxu Gong Lu
青浦蟠龙村281号, 近华徐公路
021 5988 3458

Shanghai Angels Kindergarten Description

At Angels, we pride ourselves in providing a solid early education to young children in a cosy and intimate environment.    Set in quiet area, over 6 acres of land, with mature trees and natural shade, our outdoor grounds give our little Angles enough place to run and practice outdoor activities.    Our school is expanding but we ensure that we keep the standard quality of education that our school is known for as we limit the number of children per class.    Being a “boutique school”,  every child is known by name throughout our campus, and the children are comfortable talking to all the teachers in the school not just their own class teachers.    Our kindergarten is known for its warm and friendly atmosphere. We are proud to host Angels coming from over 20 different countries!

Map of Shanghai Angels Kindergarten

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