Happy Bridge Kindergarten of Shanghai

489 Huaiyin Lu, by Linquan Lu
淮阴路489号, 近林泉路
021 6223 8870

Happy Bridge Kindergarten of Shanghai Description

===Our Mission===

Here in Happy Bridge Kindergarten of Shanghai, it is our mission to provide an international environment that has the characteristics of both the Chinese and Western cultures.  Our mission is to integrate the advantages to of Faction’s Educational Theory in order to develop the most suitable mode of education for learners of the twenty-first century. Our mission is also to provide children with a strong body of professional teachers and a good curriculum.  This to ensure that the children will be optimistic, self confident, loving, honest, responsible and respectful to others.

 ===Education policy===

  1. We believe that early childhood play and contact with nature is very important to the growth of the child.

  2. With five areas of health, relationships, environment, language, skills to develop the child's independent viability of our kindergarten education policy.

  3. By the fun cultivate a passion for sports.

  4. Through the game and our relationship with nature, culture pay attention to the rules, pay attention to the moral, cherish life, and considerate of the heart for the sake of others.

  5. Kindergarten children to experience the joy of eating to cultivate interest in eating.

  6. Children to master as independent living: eating, dressing, toilet habits. Use language to conservation or friends to convey their own ideas and to generate interest and care for each other.

  7. Seize the curiosity of children and create a safe environment.

The period before a child is seven years old is the best time for them to learn languages.  If children are provided with a good language environment during this time, their intellectual and language skills will develop.  Children during this period can learn foreign languages through their innate abilities to emulate those around them, through actively seeking knowledge and through a natural curiosity.  This means that during this period there’s a greater chance they can learn new languages including their mother tongue. Come to Happy Bridge Kindergarten of Shanghai! We are committed to teaching children in their mother tongues and at the same time guiding them through the learning of their second and third languages.

Map of Happy Bridge Kindergarten of Shanghai

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