Silk Mandarin

Rm.601, SOHO Donghai Plaza, 299 Tongren Lu, by Beijing Xi Lu
铜仁路299号SOHO东海广场1604-1605室, 近北京西路
400 803 5300

Silk Mandarin Description

Founded in 2015, Silk Mandarin has been delivering to the joys of learning the Chinese language to more than 400 students of different ages, backgrounds and learning objectives. 

With a deep understanding of the fundamentals of the Chinese language, Silk Mandarin’s team of experienced teachers emphasize on the importance of adequate listening skills, as these are mandatory for learning to communicate effectively in Chinese. Through the school’s very own ‘1-2-3 Learning Cycle’ method, teachers break down these fundamental concepts and allow their students to understand the core of the language, while practicing it firsthand during class.

Map of Silk Mandarin

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