ULink College

180 Gangqian Dadao, Nansha District
020 8521 5836, 020 8521 5488

ULink College Description

Welcome to ULink College Guangzhou! The mission of ULink College Guangzhou challenges students to put themselves at the center of their own learning and develop responsibility and confidence. Our strong British international Curriculum helps us to provide academic excellence and English proficiency students will need to be successful. Through a strong, externally validated Curriculumculminating in IGCSE and A-Level qualifications, our students are able to access the top universities around the world and achieve their dreams. Our choice of subjects for students to study is very broad, enabling students to achieve the qualifications needed to take any degree subject at an English-speaking university outside China. 

Location: Guangzhou 

Established: 2004 

School levels: Grade 9-12 

Curriculum: IGCSE (G9-10) / A-Levels (Grade 11-12) 

Languages taught: Chinese, English 

Extracurricular: Over 30 student activities such as sports, music, art, economics. science and technology 

Map of ULink College

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