Shanghai Greenfield Kindergarten

1980 Hongqiao Lu, by Hongmei Lu
虹桥路1980号, 近虹梅路
021 6261 4446

Shanghai Greenfield Kindergarten Description

Shanghai phil green kindergarten is located in Shanghai hongqiao road 1980 villa in the blue sky. In 2002 by the Shanghai east exhibition education to undertake investment development co., LTD. Kindergarten elegant environment, complete facilities, is a blend of Chinese and western culture in international bilingual kindergarten, to open bilingual class and the class, divided into small classes, class, small classes, GSM, large, and has a month, week, day care or half choose the kindergarten in the form, meet the demand of parents of various options. Existing from more than 10 countries and regions at home and abroad nearly 80 children, with small, personalized education, create a healthy growth for the Chinese and foreign children's paradise.

Map of Shanghai Greenfield Kindergarten

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