Shanghai Dental Studio

1720 Central Huaihai Lu, by Hunan Lu
156 1831 8680

Shanghai Dental Studio Description

Dental Cosmetician. There are 2 types of professionals involved in the dental restoration process: the Dentist and the Dental Technician. The dentist is a doctor who is specialized in the area of oral health. The dental technician is one who specializes in the mechanical and esthetic integration of dental prosthesis. Moreover, within the dental technician field, there are several levels of competence. This starts with the 1st year apprentice extending to the experienced master of 30 years (or longer). Leander FUCHS started his apprenticeship with Master Jacques Wagner in 1993, in Paris. After several dedicated years of studies and training, he opened his first laboratory in Paris, in 2003. Later, in 2006, Leander expanded and opened Shanghai Dental Studio, in China. Although the dental prosthesis covers many different aspects, and ranges in levels of complexity, Leander is specialized in all forms of porcelain restorations. Specifically, ranging from using small porcelain chips in replacing broken incisal edges to full implant replacements for missing teeth. In addition, Leander has also chartered into new area, the Dental Cosmetician. While the dental technician aims to re-create teeth shape and functions by applying rules and methods learned from ideal teeth morphological studies, the dental cosmetician aims to copy this in a natural sense. Through methods of whitening, contouring (or re-contouring), or using bonding, dental bridges, and veneers, one is able to achieve a more “natural” look and smile. This, in turn, making “fake” looking smiles a thing of the past. Overall, his 20 years in the dental industry, starting from the ground and working his way up, allowed him to follow in the path of some of the greatest masters worldwide. In turn, it gave him the level of expertise that is required to achieve high-quality cosmetic dental  prosthesis integration.

Map of Shanghai Dental Studio

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