Der Elefantenpups: Ein Tierischer Geheimplan

November 15 - 16, 2019
Times vary
Venue Name
Shanghai City Theatre
4889 Dushi Lu, by Mingdu Lu

Der Elefantenpups: Ein Tierischer Geheimplan Description

If you're looking for a fun, interactive and kid-friendly event, you're in luck! The music-filled Der Elefantenpups - Ein Tierischer Geheimplan will be held at Shanghai City Theatre on November 15-16.

A new animal joins the zoo: the young female panda named Mei Yue. Beining in a new place means she's suffering from homesickness and would do anything to be able to return home to China.

The zoo animals work together to hatch a secret plan to cheer up Mei Yue. They make music for her with their instruments. In the end, the panda cub is able to happily settle into her new home.

Throughout the journey, kids can learn about various musical instruments and their unique timbres through a fun and sweet story. Your little ones are sure to love it! 

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