Shanghai Police Bust Fake LEGO Manufacturing Gang

The price of knockoff products was merely one-tenth of LEGO's official sets

By Yuzhou Hu, Apr 30, 2019 14:47

Fake Peppa Pig Merchandise Raise Concerns

It's not easy being famous

By Yuzhou Hu, Sep 18, 2018 17:48

Top Selling Christmas Gifts from the Last Century

Good old days...

By Timothy Musgrave, Dec 27, 2017 17:59

Get Ready for the Shanghai International Toy Show

Come release your inner child at the 2017 Shanghai International Toy Show!

By Urban Family, Jun 01, 2017 14:22

UF 5 Things: My Thingymabob

Turning children's drawings into stuffed toys in the name of charity.

By Urban Family, Oct 22, 2015 12:30

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