Book Review: Ranger's Apprentice & A Wrinkle in Time Quintet

Two engaging book series for children to enjoy

By Kendra Perkins, Mar 11, 2019 09:49

My Shanghai: A Year in Review

The personalities that shape the city

By Natalie Foxwell, Jan 15, 2019 14:18

Book Review: Squirrel's New Year's Resolution

Learning the value of setting goals for the year ahead

By Kendra Perkins, Dec 19, 2018 14:54

Book Review: Lonely Planet Kids Not-for-Parents China

Everything you ever wanted to know

By Natalie Foxwell, Nov 03, 2018 14:18

Book Review: Thanking the Moon

Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

By Kendra Perkins, Oct 27, 2018 11:55

Book Review: Ordinary People Change the World

Everyone can be a hero.

By Natalie Foxwell, Aug 31, 2018 13:30

Book Review: The One And Only Ivan

A story of friendship, art and hope

By Kendra Perkins, Aug 17, 2018 15:39

Theater Review: STOMP

Explosive rhythm and toe-tapping fun

By Celia Rayfiel, Aug 08, 2018 10:10

Theater Review: Rent 20th Anniversary

Celebrating the relentless pursuit of creativity and love

By Mandy Tie, Jul 25, 2018 14:20

Book Review: My Awesome Japan Adventure

A diary about the best four months ever!

By Kendra Perkins, Jun 26, 2018 13:29

Book Review: Sasha Savvy Loves to Code

Inspiring Girls to Pursue STEM

By Natalie Foxwell, Jun 19, 2018 13:33

Theater Review: Crested Ibises

Contemporary Chinese Dance Theater with an Environmental Message

By Mandy Tie, Jun 19, 2018 12:27

Book Review: A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee

A fun adventure in the great outdoors

By Kendra Perkins, May 11, 2018 12:51

Family Review: Kids Afternoon Tea and Playzone at D.O.C

Keep calm and eat afternoon tea? D.O.C has the answer.

By Mandy Tie, May 02, 2018 16:59

Movie Review: Wonder

Feel-good family flick

By Erica Martin, Apr 27, 2018 14:35

Theatre Review: Cuál es mi nombre? (What is My Name?)

An engaging contemporary dance production that will awaken the imagination

By Celine Song, Apr 23, 2018 07:54

Book Review: Chinese Lessons

An Inspiring Story of One Mother's Journey to Shanghai

By Natalie Foxwell, Apr 09, 2018 09:24

Book Review: How Are You Peeling?

A book with rich expressions

By Kendra Perkins, Mar 13, 2018 09:21

Book Review: Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

In a world where you can be anything, be a rebel!

By Natalie Foxwell, Mar 06, 2018 09:18

Movie Review: Coco

Disney Pixar Smash Hit Celebrates Familial Love and Cultural Traditions

By Erica Martin, Feb 27, 2018 09:22

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