The World's Most Powerful Passports

Infographic reveals the most powerful passports ranked by the travel freedom a passport holder has.

By Urban Family, Dec 24, 2015 19:30

You May Be Asked to Verify WeChat Pay. Here's How to Do It

Some WeChat users are being asked to verify their information in order to access WeChat Pay this week.

By That's, Mar 19, 2019 14:51

Random ID Checks at Shanghai Metro Stations Ahead of Import Expo

Increased passport checks around Shanghai ahead of next month's import expo.

By That's Shanghai, Oct 26, 2018 16:34

Lost Your Passport? It's Now Way Faster to Replace Your Visa in Shanghai

The new expedited visa service enables foreigners who lose their passports in Shanghai to get a new visa processed in just seven days or less.

By That's Shanghai, Sep 04, 2018 14:44

China Ranked 87th in Global Freedom of Movement Survey

By Daniel Mannering, May 17, 2016 10:25

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