Nils International Children's Club

Shanghai Art Center No. 23, Lane 222 Yehui Lu
021 * 60525361, 021 * 60525362, 021 * 60525363

Nils International Children's Club Description

Nils International Children’s Club takes a fresh approach to educating the youth of Shanghai. We realize that student’s surroundings and daily life are such a vital component to their educations. This is why we have created an interactive yearlong schedule of educational excursions that foster student’s social, physical and intellectual skills in an international and unique environment. While enrolled in Nils Children’s Club students, 4 to 12 years old, can practice their English and Chinese-speaking skills while traveling to such venues as, The Shanghai Aquarium, The Shanghai Science & Technology Museum, Hangzhou Botanical Gardens, Happy Valley Amusement park, and much more! We arrange everything from transportation and meals to security and sporting equipment. Sign up soon! Activities start May 4th! Nils offers 4 Programs: Nils Brilliant Equestrian Club While students are enrolled in Nils Brilliant Equestrian Program they will have the opportunity to participate in all of the amazing fun excursions Nils offers, as well as become an experience horse back rider in an elite and noble academy. Each training session consists of 45 minutes of theory and 60 minutes of practice. Tuition: RMB 45,000/year Nils VIP Junior Golf Academy Along with fun filled excursions and activities, the Nils VIP Junior Golf Academy gives students an in-depth experience to the wonderful world of golf. Our golf instructors utilize time-proven techniques that encourage individual’s improvement while still enjoying golf; by applying solid fundamentals to your child’s unique physical capabilities. Nils VIP Golf Academy: RMB 40,000/year Nils Fencing King Program The Fencing King Program offers classes that focus on basic footwork and hand-eye coordination. Classes are fun and children are taught using a variety of games. Tuition: RMB 40,000/year Nils Colorful Adventure Program The Colorful Adventure Program is an accumulative of the four programs listed above. It gives students the chance to try a variety of activities, without having to make a long commitment to any specific sport, allowing students to discover their interests and passions along the way. Tuition: 35,000RMB per/year

Map of Nils International Children's Club

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