Live the Language

Suite 1611 Building C Sunshine 100 GuangHua St. 2 Chaoyang District 100026
中国北京市100026 朝阳区 光华路2号 阳光100 - C 座 房间号码1611

Live the Language Description

We want our students to succeed in learning Mandarin, to immerse themselves into Chinese culture, to enjoy this fantastic country, to make new friends, and offer a program that fits the individual requirements of each student. How do we do that? First, in order to learn a language, we believe you have to Live The Language and that is where our name comes from. That’s why everyone at Live the Language Mandarin School (LTL) is dedicated to one aim: helping our students achieve Chinese fluency in the shortest time possible by encouraging language immersion. As such we are committed to quality teaching and providing an immersive environment that makes Mandarin learning relevant, interesting and effective.

Map of Live the Language

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