Bromsgrove School Mission Hills

8 Mission Hills Lu, Shenzhen
深圳市龙华区观澜高尔夫大道 8 号
0755 2801 0733

Bromsgrove School Mission Hills Description

At Bromsgrove School Mission Hills, we are committed to building a pre-eminent school. Our program is unique, with a blend of best practice from both East and West. We focus on the wide benefits of bilingualism and on success for each child, using open-minded and innovative approaches to achieve this. Our partnership with Bromsgrove School, UK, brings the depth and breadth of expertise and knowledge. We elevate our history of excellence with the assimilation and localization of Chinese language, culture, traditions, and values within the China context. 

Location: Shenzhen 

Established: 2015 

Age of students: 3-17 

No. of students: 500+ 

School levels: Preschool / Prep / Senior 

Curriculum: Bilingual inquiry-based curriculum (preschool) blends the framework of the National Curriculum in England with content streams integrated from the Chinese primary school curriculum / Prep / A-Levels / IGCSE (Senior School) 

Languages taught: English, Chinese 

Extracurricular: From martial arts to crafts, to dance and science clubs, expeditions, tours and trips

Map of Bromsgrove School Mission Hills

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