Beijing Huijia Private College

157 Changhuai Lu Great Wall and Suburbs, Changping district
010 6078 5555

Beijing Huijia Private College Description

 Huijia School is the largest private school in Beijing and the first internationalized school permitted to admit foreign students directly. In light of the educational guidelines as “high taste, internationalization”, Huijia has rapidly become a first-class private school in China with outstanding academic and comprehensive achievement. Many Chinese students have walked into the world from Huijia; many foreign students have come to Huijia from all over the world. If you want to study and experience Chinese language and culture, Beijing Huijia Private School is the best choice for you. Our school has offered rich and colorful activities such as short-term language study program, winter/summer camp, and etc for many consecutive years, and we welcome the students from all over the world to apply.        

Map of Beijing Huijia Private College

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