UCCA Center of Contemporary Art

798 Art District 4 Jiuxianqiao Lu Chaoyang district
010 5780 0202, 03

UCCA Center of Contemporary Art Description

Its curriculum takes a comprehensive approach to cognitive development through learning about perception, reflection, creation, and expression in the arts. At the UCCA Creative Studio, kids not only learn about art; they learn how to perceive, how to reflect, and how to realize their ideas. The centre’s goal is for kids to cultivate a new artistic perspective to help them manage the relationship between the self and the outside world, and become more confident in their studies and future careers. The studio’s mission is similar to how Friedrich Schiller described arts education in his seminal Letters upon the Aesthetic Education of Man: To create an arts education program that stresses the value of play, and thereby realize the brilliance of human rationality.        

Map of UCCA Center of Contemporary Art

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