The Essential Learning Group Beijing Shunyi Branch Office

Building #52, No.6 Li Yuan Street, Meilin Champagne Town, by Huayuan Si Jie
北京市顺义区天竺镇丽苑街6号#52,美林香槟小镇, 近花园四街
010 * 6450-9704

The Essential Learning Group Beijing Shunyi Branch Office Description

    The Essential Learning Group (ELG) is a multi-disciplinary, educational services organization dedicated to helping parents, schools and educators meet the individual needs of children. ELG’s Innovative Learning Center provides daily programs to independent, supported, and life-skills learners who thrive in an individualized program. The Clinic and Learning Annex work closely with educators and families to identify, assess, diagnose and remedy academic, communication and social problems using effective, evidence-based programs.

Our specialists can help children with a broad range of learning problems (dyslexia, dyscalculia…), self-esteem issues, social, anxiety, stress and mood related problems, ADHD, autism disorders, ODD and CD.

At The Essential Learning Group Beijing our specialists can provide the following services:
• Initial intake
• Behavioral observation
• School screening
• Academic assessment (reading, writing, mathematics)
• Comprehensivepsychological educational assessment (including IQ test)
• Individual Education Plan
• Individual and group therapy (e.g. cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, relaxation, EMDR)
• Parent guidance and family therapy
• Free seminars for parents

Groups provided by our specialists are:
• Reading club
• Fast Friends (social skills training)
• Mathletics
• Attention Distraction Prevention training
• Mindful Kids
• Mindful Parenting

Services for teachers are:
• Free seminars and workshops
• Academic support in regular schools (IEP, strategies and resources)

The Essential Learning Group Beijing
• Adress : Buiding #52, N°6 LiYuan street, TianZhu Town, Shunyi District

Phone : 6450-9704 Email :

Map of The Essential Learning Group Beijing Shunyi Branch Office

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