Yi Xin Tang Astrorod Treatment

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Yi Xin Tang Astrorod Treatment Description

Liu Qing Yun, born in 1972, graduated from Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Having an inborn passion and talent for Chinese qigong and Chinese traditional medicine, he has been practicing Ba Ji Quan and Kunlun Gong since childhood, and has developed insights in orthopedic massage, massage, acupoint pressing using qigong acupuncture. Having taught by different Tai Chi masters such as Master Wu Aiguo of Chen style, Master Zhao Wenshan of Wu 's, Master Yin DaSheng of Yang style, and Master Gao of Yiquan, Qing Yun has devoted himself, and has special strength  in Tai Chi, qigong, health regimen, massage, qigong massage, Taoist organ massage, acupuncture, smoothening of meridian flow by Astrotech Rod beating, and other such techniques. After 20 years of study and practice, Qing Yun has acquired the heritage of those masters.  With his inborn talent , he was successful in summing up predecessors' essence, to form a unique, comprehensive and holistic set of health regime, focusing on conditioning of innate bone forms and acquired organ conditions, with specialty in headache, dizziness, insomnia, coronary heart disease, bronchitis, gastritis, constipation, diabetes, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc herniation, sciatica and different contusions, etc. Astrotech Rod - signature treatment of Yi Xin Tang The Astrotech Rod method offers miraculous health and curing but has been lost in history for nearly a hundred years, with very few people able to use it. In a national medicine conference, only an old Chinese medicine practitioner from Xian County of Hebei province mentioned and demonstrated the method.  For this reason, Fifth-generation court medicine practitioner Mr. Chen Zuoxuan  has engaged in detailed research to trace the origin of this method. In 1901 during the Qing Dynasty, major hospital event records read, "Astrotech Rod was invented by head eunuch Li Lian-ying. It is made by sewing a cloth measuring 1 foot 2 inches in length and 3.8 inches in width into a tube and half-loading sand to form a rod 7 inches long.  A pair of rods weighing 4 kg together are then used to beat along meridians. The 52-year-old Li, was energetic and had developed a massage health treatment and summed up a meridian beating approach (with sand rods). in the 26th Year of Guangxu's reign during the Qing Dynasty.  Shortly after the Empress Dowager Cixi returned to Beijing from Xi'an, she found that many of the concubines and imperial maids in the palace were suffering from severe depression or other ailments. So, after consulting the Cixi, he applied this method on the royal concubines and maids, in combination with his massage technique. And all patients were cured within just 20 days. Delighted about the result, Cixi rewarded Li with a luxury apartment (located in Dianmen near the Palace, with more than 50 chambers).  Cixi bade Li, "You should apply this method on me from now on. You should also make some improvement on the rods.  Instead of stuffing them with sand, you should think about using some herbs.  Let's call them Auspicious Rods (Astrotech Rods)."  The rods were thence named Auspicious Rods or Astrotech Rods.

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