Shenzhen AIER Eye Hospital

2048 Huaqiang South Road, Futian District, Shenzhen
400 600 7911

Shenzhen AIER Eye Hospital Description

Shenzhen AIER Eye Hospital is a core eye hospital established by AIER group, according to the international norms of medical institutions, with high standard and high requirements. The hospital is dedicated to professional eye care services to residents of Hong Kong, Macao and Shenzhen, to create the best professional eye hospital in the region that integrates medical, scientific research and teaching. Hospital is configured with the top ophthalmology examination and surgical treatment equipment over world, collected a large number of domestic and foreign elites in this industry. There are processing comprehensive professional eye care program, including myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia, cataract, glaucoma, corneal disease, fundus disease, orbital disease, pediatric ophthalmology, ocular trauma, ocular plastic, medical optometry and fitting glasses.


The famous ophthalmologist station (IMD) of Shenzhen AIER Eye Hospital is leading by well-known ophthalmologist professor Shibo Tang, that converged a large number of international and domestic well-known ophthalmic authority, introduced international advanced ophthalmic medical equipment. Also, the station launched “expert appointment” and "one to one care service". The international medical department allows full play to the advantage of high-tech medical personnel through the introduction of experts. To create the display platform of the latest ophthalmology technology of the international synchronization, through the technical communication and academic exchanges, to provide patients with the top of the international and domestic medical services.

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Map of Shenzhen AIER Eye Hospital

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