Cooking Teambuilding Events

June 21, 2018 - December 31, 2019
Venue Name
Abbey Road
3 Taojiang Lu, by Fenyang Lu
5466 2069

Cooking Teambuilding Events Description

Prepare for spicy competition and a good splash of soy sauce in this incredibly hot team building event!

But don’t worry if you’re not a chilli crusader and prefer more subtle seasoning – we cater for all tastes in our Team Wok cooking challenge. Watch as our worldly chefs show off their stir-fried skills giving you some inspiration for your own dishes.

After a demonstration you’ll get to work creating your team dishes in this culinary challenge. Battle against other teams, to produce the finest home-cooked Chinese dishes. We’ll provide chef hats and aprons so you look and feel the part!

Our set up can be brought into almost any venue to turn the space into a Team Wok kitchen.
With over five year’s experience in the events industry we have worked with different venues in Shanghai–do call us to discuss venues near you.
Our host will begin with a short introduction to Chinese cooking and chef will teach you some characteristically Oriental knife handling skills....

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